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A Psalter for Westminster - Seat of Royal Power

The Christian Monarch 700-1400

The manuscripts in this section span the history of England from a century after the Anglo-Saxons’ introduction to Christianity to the late Middle Ages. [22 items]

Margaret of York and the Resurrected Christ

The Christian Monarch 1400-1600

These manuscripts reflect the changing relationship of English monarchs to the Church from the late Middle Ages to the reign of Henry VIII. [21 items]

Memorable Deeds and Sayings of the Romans

Edward IV: Founder of the Royal library

The illuminated manuscripts collected by Edward IV attest to why his court was considered by one visitor as ‘the most splendid court in all Christendom’. [15 items]

Instruction: How to be a King

The manuscripts here offered young princes, and more mature royalty, instruction and models on which to base their lives. [25 items]

Itinerary to the Holy Land

The World's Knowledge

The manuscripts featured here were presented to (or appropriated by) English kings as books of reference and learning. [25 items]

Charles of Orleans in the Tower of London

Royal Identities

These books aided monarchs in presenting and understanding their royal identities, distinct from other men's through descent and coronation. [18 items]

A Christmas Present for Henry VI

The European Monarch

Many of the most beautiful manuscripts acquired by English monarchs originated not in England, but in France or the Burgundian Netherlands. [21 items]
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